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Memorial FlowerCare tends a loved one’s distant grave or memorial when you cannot, so that their resting place does not get forgotten..


If, like many of us, you just cannot often visit the departed’s grave or memorial yourself, FlowerCare acts for you, refreshing with bright seasonal flowers, checking that all is in order and emailing photographs to keep you in touch personally.

FlowerCare Flowers placed at your loved one's Memorial

Memorial FlowerCare gives you the pleasure of knowing that ongoing care to respect and celebrate your loved ones life is being regularly provided, including on personal anniversaries ….exactly as you would wish to see happen.


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Memorial WebLink connects their grave or memorial to an attractive online Profile, using photos or video to give new life to their memory..


A grave or memorial can do no more than stone, metal, glass and earth permit !  WebLink goes past this : our QR code plaque connects it to a live webpage that uses photos, text, or other media to profile the life lived and what they still mean today.


Point a smartphone at the QR code we have placed on the grave or memorial and instantly re-experience their presence. And not just you. This memorial WebLink can allow all other visitors to view an attractive presentation of this person.


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