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memorial WebLink order form

If you need any assistance, including any questions about memorial WebLink and / or memorial FlowerCare please email us via the contact us page. Important…this order form is for memorial WebLink only.


memorial WebLink purchase includes :

qrcodeThe QR code which links your grave or memorial to a Web address of your choice OR will link it to the web-address of a Tribute on the MuchLoved online memorials site, which we will set up for you.

If you choose to use a MuchLoved online Tribute, you will be provided with your link to the (your) Tribute creation page and your personal login details. You can then start the tribute to your loved one, expanding it later at any time including uploading images, text or video and inviting messages and other contributions from friends and family.

memorial WebLink also includes a Marker whose personalised plaque shows the active QR code , the name of the deceased and dates. We will also email you a pdf image of the QR code which you can use in other ways.

The cost is a one off payment of £50 with NO future costs at all. If you opt to use a MuchLoved Tribute as the online memorial to which the memorial links, then the Tribute you create will remain live for as long as you wish.