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Why memorial WebLink ?


memorial WebLink connects your loved ones’ memorial to an attractive online Profile

A new element of remembrance and celebration links their resting place to an engaging website, of photographs and text profiling their life lived and what they still mean today.

Just scan the linked QR code jgray-qrlinkwe place at the Grave or Memorial with a smartphone and immediately re-experience their presence. Not just you. At the click of a button all other visitors, too, can view this attractive and really informing memorial.

As well as scanning the QR Web-code the on-line memorial has its own private web-address so that you, your relatives and your friends can view it by browsing with PC, laptop or tablet.

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memorial WebLink


How can I make the best use of memorial WebLink ?

The memorial WebLink code is supplied on a mount for display at the resting place, but also as a Vector Graphic file. You can ask your Funeral Director about using the memorial WebLink code on the Order of Service , or print it on the rear of a memorial photograph, for your guests to be able to take home and activate whenever – an enduring reminder and celebration.

The mount is designed to stand beside the Grave or Memorial to enhance its impact, however you can also ask your Funeral Director to include it in an existing memorial or use a mounting with the same design.

We can link the QR Webcode to an existing on-line memorial, or your page on Facebook, Ancestry, or Dead Social, but we otherwise initiate a linked online Tribute for you with leading memorial charity MuchLoved,

Much Loved Tribute viewed via Forget Me Not WebLink



How easily can we create my memorial WebLink ?

Very easily ! Forget Me Not does all the set up work for you. It creates the QR Webcode and provides it with a plaque and Marker to hold it. To link this to an existing webpage, just give us the web address, or opt to have us set up a linked Tribute on Much Loved and pass you its web-address and password access.

You can keep the Tribute as a simple Photo and statement, or you and your family can develop it further over time, using special features to introduce messages, poems, photos, sound and video, or to add a charity donation facility.

memorial WebLink costs just £50, which includes an online Tribute with Much Loved (if you need it) , a single QR marker and a graphic file (pdf) of the QR code which will be e-mailed to you.   There are no additional costs, the site can remain live and editable to add new family contributions for as long as you wish.

memorial WebLink

WebLink on a memorial bench


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