memorial FlowerCare

Why memorial FlowerCare?


You mean to get there…it just doesn’t happen !

Its not lack of respect, or honour, or love – it’s the sheer busyness of everyday or the distance at which you may live from their grave or memorial.

So “ whenever you can get there , Do !” and meantime let Forget Me Not take care of it for you. Have us ensure that important anniversaries are recognised, re-flower the memorial on their birthday, day of passing, at Christmas and other key dates – perhaps a wedding anniversary? or that special time known only to you ..…

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How does the memorial FlowerCare service Work ?

It gives positive pleasure to have your loved ones Grave or Memorial well remembered. We visit the grave or memorial once, or twice a year, on anniversary dates you select, or four times seasonally. We refresh the Grave or Memorial with bright attractive seasonal flowers, or we place there, each time, a special posy of roses. Of course you can also request specific and different flowers…or ask us to attend more often.

At each memorial FlowerCare visit we email an updating photograph to you and, on request, also to relatives and friends. This way you can check all is well at the Grave or Memorial and ask us to arrange corrective action if it should be needed.

You may request a single annual visit on a special Anniversary date, or perhaps on Christmas and Birthday. Our standard service is four Seasonal FlowerCare visits a year to include such dates.  Normally we refresh the memorial with attractive seasonal flowers, or a special posy of roses, but you can also request different flowers…or ask us to attend more often.

What does memorial FlowerCare cost ?

We keep costs modest – they may be less than those for a personal visit. A single annual visit is £55.00, twice a year is £95.  Our standard plan of four Seasonal visits is £155 – optionally just £45, plus eleven monthly payments of £10.


How do I order ?

To start the memorial FlowerCare service and to be able to have a first memorial FlowerCare visit as soon as next week, just use the Order form.


If you need to discuss any detail further, please do not hesitate to ring us today….or ask us a question.